How To Stay Safe As An Escort

Being an escort is not exactly the safest job in the world. As an escort, there will be times when you face situations that could escalate to threaten your well-being. In order to avoid these happenings, here are some tips to help you stay safe as an escort:
Vet your clients
Whether you work with an agency or independently, it is always good for you to vet your clients. A responsible agency will ensure that they have steps in place to obtain client information and background before engagement, but if you're on your own, you can still vet clients ahead of time before meeting them. A few strategies include working only with clients who have recommendations, talking and communicating with clients ahead of time, getting as much of their personal information as you can, and trusting your instincts if a client seems 'off'. Remember, you don't have to service any client who makes you uncomfortable.
Be careful accepting food or drinks
This is especially true for outcalls. If you have to go to a client's place or a hotel, always make sure that you are careful of the food and drinks that clients give to you. It is better to be safe than sorry. With drinks, you can always ask for an unopened bottle or can, or prepare the drink yourself. When it comes to food, if you are uncomfortable, do not accept or eat. Make up an excuse like the food doesn't suit you, or you are not hungry at the moment. You can also make sure that the client is okay to eat from the same dish or food that he or she has prepared for you.
Get self protection
Self protection can come in many forms. Carry around a small whistle or alarm that can be used to attract attention when you need it. And, although pepper spray is illegal in certain parts of Australia, you might consider carrying one with you. Also, sign up for a basic self defense class if you can. If you are a lady escort, it will come in handy whenever you need to protect yourself.
Have someone check in on you
Be it another fellow escort or someone from your agency, or even a trusted friend, you will feel better and safer if you have someone to check in on you. You could also always return the favour for an escort friend. A quick text message or a call when you are heading towards an appointment and after an appointment can do wonders for your safety. Another tip: consider code words to share between you and your friend so that you can potentially alert them with discretion if needed.
Always be aware and vigilant
Anytime you go to a new place or you meet a client whom you are not familiar with, remember to be aware and vigilant of your surroundings. Take note of exits or escape routes as well as how your client looks like. Do not cloud your mind with alcohol or drugs that can make you lose your senses and potentially expose you to danger. Stay alert and stay safe.