5 Naughty Things He Wishes You Would Do In Bed

Let’s be real -- our sex ed classes were far from glamorous, and after a while, reverse cowgirl can only do so much. I’m not saying that there comes a point where sex because a routine, because sex is always going to feel fucking fantastic. I will, however, throw it out there that there are certain moves we can throw into the mix that’s guaranteed to get our men drooling. Because it’s a given that women are sex machines capable of commanding for the night, most men expect us ladies to do all the work -- which is where the problem starts. Women don’t follow, they lead.
I am a firm believer in the rewarding system. If you do good, you’ll get something good in return, sometimes even a hundred fold. If you give good head, you’ll have every right to sit on his face until his nose breaks from all the riding. There are a few staple sex moves that every kitten should know, but I’ve rounded up the 5 things he wishes you would do in bed so that next time you’re doing the nasty, you know exactly how to get him wrapped around your finger.
  1. Moan like you mean it 
Mean are as aural as they are visual. They’re going to lose their minds when they see you naked, but imagine just how far over the edge you’ll bring them once you start moaning and pressing up against him? You don’t have to go full-on pornstar on the guy, but a little heavy petting and moaning every now and then is going to do wonders.

     2. Pace your hand jobs
Usually, when I’m tired from giving him a hand job or blowing him, I let you cum inside. Over the years I’ve learned that in order to finish strong and really get him edging is by pacing myself when I’m feeling him up. Going slow, steady, fast, and then over again is sensory overload in the best way possible. You’re keeping him guessing and the change of pace is going to make him beg for it even more.
     3. Minty blowjobs
He already loves having your hot, wet mouth wrapped around his dick. What more when it’s all cool and tingly from the mint? Poor guy will try not busting a nut 3 strokes in. Chewing on some minty bubble gum or popping in a mint a minute before you start blowing can do wonders. Go give it a shot this weekend!
     4. Shoulder nips
There’s just something so satisfying about having the tender part where your neck meets your shoulder joints bit. A playful love bite is going to get you two in the mood - fast.
     5. Wiping him off
I know, it sounds weird! But hear me out -- I may be a slut but I’m a sucker for being all sweet and shit. I used to date this guy who absolutely loved the fact that I was the only girl who cared enough about him to actually wipe him off after we’ve had sex. Like, I’d reach for the towel and start cleaning him up nice. Total mom move, I know. But it works - til this day he can’t get my weird quirk out of his brain.
I’ve just shared the 5 tips that have let me coast through life as one happy whore. Go make me proud! L